CC information not showing

I just added some information to a CC which I assigned to the pitch bend in VSL. It worked great, but when I switch to write mode, and back to play mode, the information was gone! I still have the “show automation lane” button selected, and the correct CC lane is there, but all the lines I drew are missing. It still plays back properly, but I can’t edit it. Any idea what’s going on?

Update: it’s acting very strangely. The MIDI CC in the violin isn’t showing, but Vienna Ensemble is reading the information. It’s just invisible for some reason. The very same CC in the viola is showing, but not controlling VE instrument. I kept entering new info into the viola CC21. Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it controls CC7 instead, and eventually it actually did what I wanted it to, even though I was doing the same thing over and over again.

Also- Dorico keeps crashing while I’m doing this. I’m having a bad Dorico day :frowning:

Are you using independent voice playback, Graham? If so, there are indeed some bugs with the display of automation data in Plauy mode when independent voices are being used, which will be resolved in our next update.

Yes indeed! Good to know I’m not going crazy here, thanks!