CC Learn - Can I make a "Global" control?

I searched these forums and could not find a topic addressing this particular issue!

I am wondering why the following scenario does not seem to be possible:

Lets say I have selected a Pattern Pad … and Learn CC for the X and Y controls of Complexity vs. Intensity. Works great! However I was quite disappointed to find that the Learn only works for ONE Pattern! If I move to another pattern, I have to re-learn CC for that pattern!!! Really??? Why is it not possible to select some “global CC learn” option in GA4 so that the same MIDI controll knobs adjust it for every pattern I select? I thought perhaps the “Exclusive” button in the PAD options might affect this… but apparently that does not effect MIDI learning feature.

Does anyone know a way to make this happen?

I was about to post the same question as I want to assign the timestretch control using cc midi learn (using only one hardware knob) to whatever the focused sound is. As it stands, if I want to assign the timestretch control for every sound in a kit, I’d need 128 knobs. It’s 2017 already, what we’re both trying to achieve should be possible (it is in FXpansions Geist 2).

Unless we’re both missing something??

I didn’t get a response to my other post also so I think it’s a good idea to contact Steinberg support directly if you want a conclusive answer.

Came here to post a similar question - am demoing GA 4 now. Wanted to set up basic midi controls for volume, amp envelope etc. Could only find a way to map specifically that is tied to one specific selected pad. That’s as useless as nothing.
The amp/volume/pitch editor controls need to allow mapping or have preference to control selected pad only, with same mapping of midi cc.

Where is the Groove Agent community?? lol No expert users on these forums that can provide conclusive answers?

Ah well. So we can only assume that what we are asking is not possible which to quote drewspuppet makes cc mapping in Groove Agent 4 “as useless as nothing”

Steinberg, future update please.