CC Mapper MIDI Module doesn't work in HALion 4.0.1

Hello, Steinberg,

I’m sorry to say that the “CC Mapper” MIDI Module does not work at all in HALion 4.0.1 since no remapping can be actually switched on. The buttons for the individual remappings turn blue only momentarily when you are pushing the mouse button over them. As soon as you release the mouse button, they turn black again…

Could you confirm my findings? And can we hope for a fix soon? Anyway, thanks for a reply!

Best regards


Hi Miroslav,
The blue buttons aren’t on/off buttons. They’re only there to help you select the row you want to work on. This is the same as the modulation matrix. I just tested the CC Mapper and it seemed to be working fine when I replaced the modulation controller CC# 1 with CC #16. My mod wheel no longer changed the amount of modulation, but the slider I had assigned to CC #16 controllled the modulation amount.

But, there seems to be a bug regarding the individual controller bypass buttons. When I click the bypass button on the modulation row, it turns yellow and I expect no modulation to occur when I move my CC #16 slider and the mod wheel to work as expected. This isn’t what happens. In fact, the bypass button almost seems to work backwards. I have a restricted range set for my modulation row - min is 0 and max is 50 - but when I press the bypass button, CC #16 not only still controls the modulation amount, its range is now 0 -100. When it’s bypassed, it modulates more than when it’s active! This certainly isn’t the behavior described in the manual, so I have to assume it’s a bug. When I activate the global bypass at the top of the CC Mapper dialog, then the remapping is bypassed as expected.

Anyway, as long as you don’t need to use the individual bypass buttons, you should be able to use the CC Mapper.

Good luck…


Hi, Scott,

thank you very much for your explanation! The remapping as I set it really didn’t work on my first try, however, the problem was somewhere else. Now I agree that CC Mapper is usable but I can also confirm the bug you described: the individual bypass buttons in CC Mapper should switch the given remapping on/off, nevertheless, instead of that, they actually inhibit the modulation range settings.

Thank you once again and best regards! :slight_smile: