cc mapper

I play EWI USB , and would like to use H5 standalone on gigs (so I can change patches with a FCB1010). I have tried inserting cc mapper and cc2 (breath control) to main volume, but it still doesn’t let me change volume after initially triggering the sample as I can with Aria that came with the EWI . Maybe there are some more adjustments I can do to allow me to do this, help would be much appreciated.
thanks :sunglasses:


Can you give me an example of a factory patch you need to modify and i’ll take a look?

Thanks for the reply, how about the soft tenor Sax! If you have any luck, let me know so I can do it to any wind instrument, or for that matter any patch that I want to use for the EWI USB, as the ability to change volume after the initial attack Is the main feature of using a wind controller.
Thanks again, and good luck.

Hmm, the CC Mapper appears to be simply not working :-/ At least, not as it should anyway. As a workaround you can MIDI-learn the Slot volume slider to CC2, though it’s not the best solution as you lose the scaling abilities.