CC Midi to Axe Fx 3

Hi fellows
Im trying to control my Axe Fx 3 with VST live to change programs and scenes according with song parts.
I created a midi file in Cubase with CC#21 to increase one preset and CC#44 to chance scene with value 0=scene 1 value 1= scene 2 etc.
In Cubase works fine but I can’t make it work in VST live.
I see the info in the Midi List Editor (pic) but my axe fx don’t receive it. I ve set the output of the track to the axe fx.
Please I need some help.

That should work. Maybe your Axe receives on a different MIDI Channel? Try to change the MIDI channel on either the Axe, or Track (Inspector), does that help?

Solve It,
It was a problem with Axe Edit and the midi protocol. It seems that when you open the axe edit for the first time it doesn’t allow midi changes from VST live. After I closed that software the vst live start doing fine.
Now all my show runs from VST Live, Lyrics, backing tracks, axe fx, voice live and Lights!!