CC presets and multiple edit


The most time-consuming task, for me, s the selection of the CC number on multiple tracks, when having to edit something. For example, if I want to add a CC7 value at the beginning of all tracks, I have to first select CC7 for each track, and then enter or edit the value.

It would be great if one could select a CC preset, where a particular CC (or set o CCs, if we’ll get multiple lanes) is automatically selected on all tracks. This would speed things considerably.

Also, in analogy to the multiple staves note entry, I would like to be able to add a CC event in multiple tracks at the same time. Need to add CC7 at the beginning of all tracks? Select them, and enter the event at once in all the tracks.

It wouldn’t be bad to be also able to select several CC events in different tracks, and change their value at the same time, as an absolute value or proportionally.


I have had the same issue and I have also suggested a feature that would immensely speed up the workflow:

The basic problem at the moment is that there is no link between CC lanes (play mode) and actual score (write mode).

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