CC Ramp exclusions needs attention


I applaud the new ability to have CC controllers economically ramped in key editor, this allowing great new ways to manipulate for example CC01 mod wheel data without having to deal with clouds of points.

I have been dreaming about this for years. Well done SB for this!

However, certain CC Controls need to be treated at all times in a step manner, as they are really treated as switches, not continuous values. SB got this right with CC64, the sustain pedal control, and this is spared the ramp treatment. Obviously we do not want the sustain pedal controller ramping.

However SB need to do a little more work please and extend this principle to CC65 (portamento toggle) CC66 (Sostenuto pedal) CC67 (Una Coda pedal) and CC68 (legato toggle) and CC69 (Hold). These are traditional switch state controllers, and I have been using them for years to control for example switching between sordino and non sordino patches in VSL instruments.

Please can SB add CC 65 thru 68 to the reserved list of switch step only CC controllers. We can add to this 81,82,83 as also considered switches.

Better still, allow the user to allocate controllers to a ramp-exluded status, as a program-general preference please.



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I wrote about the same to support
This is so important to be corrected.
Please steinberg

Ahhh, I got it
Press the arrow button at the bottom left of the velocity/CC lane in midi editor. You can set the default type for new controler event


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