CC reassigments within Expression Maps?

Hello folks!

Is it possible to transform CC assignment on an individual articulation basis within Expression Maps?

I use Hollywood Orchestra Diamond and have built an expression map based template.
So, for example, my oboe expression map will have Sustain, Legato, Staccato, Runs, etc.
The annoying thing about Hollywood Orchestra though is that the CC programming is irritatingly inconsistent! Some have dynamics controlled by CC1, some by CC11, and of course velocity pops up here and there too.
I could use the Transformer to ‘globally’ convert CC1 to CC11 etc, but is there a way to do that with individual articulations within an expression map?
I would like to have a phrase of oboe, which includes various articulations and be able to draw a single CC curve to control the dynamics. As it is at the moment part of the curve must be CC1, part must be CC11, and part must be velocity.
Is there any way round this?
I know there are products like Transmidifier that can do this but I’d rather not have to rebuild/reconceptualise my entire template to use a third party product.
Anyway I can do this somehow within Cubase?


Any thoughts on this, anyone?