CC recorded without Control Lanes

As a newb I’m just getting into Control Changes. I’m about to start learning and using a sample library (Garritan Jazz & Big Band) in Cubase 7 that has a zillion different CC’s available for the various instruments (doits, fall offs, shakes, etc., etc.) And they all seem to be different CC numbers depending upon the instrument.

Hopefully somebody can quickly clear something up. The question is: before I can even begin to start using them and tweaking them in CB7 must I set up a control lane for each one for each instrument ? Or will the CC data from the sample library’s player (Aria) at least be recorded and captured in CB without doing any Control Lane setups, such that when I am performing and recording a given instrument in real time using mod wheels, expression and sustain pedals, etc. all the data from these controllers will be recorded in CB7 and I only have to set up Control Lanes if I want to thereafter edit them after I’m done recording (if necessary).

It seems like a royal PITA to have to set up 3 or 4 control lanes for each instrument, especially if I get good enough at performing in real time such that I won’t need to edit the CC data- IF it is recorded during the performance.

Thanks for clearing this up hopefully.


I have JABB so I might help.

When you record in CB then any CC’s used are recorded as well and you use the lanes in the editor to split them up for editing.

You can create new CC’s by drawing in on the control lanes in the editor

If you have a keyboard or a surface that can output multiple CC’s as you go all are recorded as you go along with anything else you might use (like SYSEX)

Many thanks Buckshead for the quick and clear response. I’m much happier now although I am anticipating a horror show diddling with the confusing mess of CCs in JABB3. If I had known how nonstraightforward it was I might have reconsidered the purchase. I seem to see alot of forum notes about people struggling with it. But at least you’ve cleared this up for me. Thanks again !