CC#s for Transport functions? Addresses?

Hi all, I am “The MIDI Moron”. I don’t think anyone has tried to do this before? I’m attempting to set up my Behringer FCB1010 to control my CUBASE 5 transport functions. I have the list of CC#s, but “start, stop, record” are not on the list. I guess the transport does not use CC#s? I can input the addresses into my “PC MIDI Editor”, but those are not fixed addresses are they? If they are fixed, does anyone know what they are for “start, stop and record”? Has anyone tried to use an FCB1010 as a controller for CUBASE?
Kevin Scott Hughes,
aka “The MIDI Moron”

I think the list you found -I’m guessing- is for General Midi functions, which isn’t what you’re looking for here.

You first need to add a ‘Generic Remote device’ in Cubase, which is a virtual device which will map Cubase’s functions (including transport functions) to the physical buttons on your FCB1010 controller. This is sort of the bridge between your controller and Cubase’s functions.

In this setup, it basicly doesn’t matter which CC number you assign to a button on your FCB1010 as the Generic Remote device will map this CC to the function of your choosing.

I’m sure there’s a YouTube video out there that shows you how to do this. Good luck!

Thank you James TNL !!!