Cc’s missing in the key editor window for note expression

I am using Cubase 11 with a UR44.

In the key editor window all of my cc’s are missing from the Note Expression with the exception of cc#0.

And 1-127

Are missing.

Now these were there last week.

I just can seem to get them back not even with show all controllers or used controllers…

Not sure what happened but does any one have any ideas?

Kind regards



Could you attach a screenshot of the drop-down menu, please.

You can define the MIDI CCs in the Controller Lane Setup > Setup Available Controllers. But only CCs are available here, not Aftertouch, PitchBend and these specific MIDI messages.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin I am about to go back onto pc in a mo.

Martin, as requested capture of the note expression screen on my pc. Using Sampletank 4 instruments.

Are you certain you haven’t enabled “Show only used Expressions”? If it’s checked, click it again. That should show all the Expressions.


Hi Martin yes this box is ticked. But even when tick the other selections it defaults back to show only unused expressions. The pic you have also shows only one expression. Did something change recently in the software? You used to be able to select from a big list of expressions. In parameter details everything details to cc0. If you try to use cc7 for volume you get a 7 next to the code expression. Confusing.


Enable the “Make all Expression visible” option, or disable the “Show only used Expression” option, please.

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Hi Martin

I need to review tomorrow. Since the untick show all I now have pitchbend. Poly pressure and aftertouch. When I go to the note expression on the actual midi block I am only able to select poly pressure I can select anything else. It’s too late now to look at and will update. Kind regards David

Martin everything is back as it should be. What i did was load a new template and copy over the midi data only. the cc’s now appear as they should do. No indication as to what the issue is with my old project.

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