CC To Notes

A MIDI Fx is called “Notes to CC”, I need the reverse.

My problem:

  1. I have a keyboard with keys and sliders, rotaries, buttons.
  2. I just purchased a VST instrument who has buttons on its GUI.
  3. I would like to control this synth real time by pressing buttons on my keyboard to select buttons on the synth GUI
    the developer mapped the buttons on the GUI to the notes in the octave -2.
    How can I send CC messages from my keyboard and convert them to notes in the -2 octave?

Any suggestion? Perhaps the Transformer/Logical editor? Or a different solution?

Thanks to anyone giving ideas… :ugeek:

Yes, you can setup an Input Transformer on the track or use a transformer in the MIDI inserts section.

Well, in the end I found it easier by configuring my Remote Controller in the generic remote template under the Studio Setup menu, since I had many buttons. If it had been one, the transformer was 3 lines to set up, but since they were 12…