CC to Velocity

Hey guys,
I’m looking for a solution to change my MIDI Velocities with CCs. The other way round seems to be no big deal, but I become desperate to change the Velocities.

I’ve got MIDI files which are created with expression maps and they had CC1 for dynamics. So far so good, but now I want to play them with a library that has CC1 for longs and Velocities for shorts.

Do you have any ideas? Logical Editor doesn’t get me there. Maybe there’s a VI that accepts CC and can send MIDI notes with velocities?

Thanks a lot,

Isn’t Dynamics mapping doing what you want?
As you can map dynamics to send CCs and Velocities at the same time.

Provided that I understood correctly :wink:

Hey, thank you for getting back. I’m not quite sure what you mean by dynamic mapping. Does it change my Midi events?


No it does not change MIDI notes.

Does the following help?