CC1 and CC11 lines are not moving in realtime in key editor while recording

Hi folks,

This issue has started recently.

I used to see the CC1 (Modulation) and CC11 (Expression) lines being drawn in realtime in key editor while recording. In other words I was able to see the lines changing while moving my mod/exp wheels/knobs during recording. This is not working anymore (I have not changed any setting).

The values are still being recorded but the lines are not moving/being drawn in realtime anymore.

Anybody has experienced same issue?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Most probably the MIDI CCs are recorded to other MIDI Part than the one, you have open.

Open the Key Editor, enable Record in Editor. Then start recording via Key Command or via hardware command. Not the Transport Panel, to keep the focus in the Key Editor. Then you record the MIDI data to the given MIDI Part and you can see it.

Martin, thank you very much :slight_smile: