CC1 Modulation Lane Step/Ramp Behavior Changed?

Trying to use Cubase 13 in ernest, but I keep banging my head on one change in behavior after another.
This time it’s…
I’m editing an organ part, and I want to insert some CC1 to toggle the vibrato. Previously, since the dark ages of the last century, I open the Key editor, create a modulation lane, select the Draw tool and insert either 0 to switch off or 127 to switch on, and the lane looks like building blocks, all vertical lines, no problem.
But now, it draws a slope. So now I have to zoom in, way in, select a tiny grid value, and enter 2 values, zoom out, scroll to the next bit, rinse and repeat.
Why? If I want a slope I’d use the line tool.
I’m trying to like C13, but it’s such a mean girl.

Haven’t quite got the video upload thing figured out but you should get the idea.

Thanks for that, I’ll try tomorrow.
But why not document these changes, instead of leaving it for us to figure it out?
Thanks, again. :+1:

First, this is not a new function of Cubase 13. I have the same in Cubase 12.
Second, what was changed is that now you can create ramps directly upon recording controller messages. THAT is the new function and it is activated by default as it seems. However, Steinberg documented it. I guess you just did not find it but fortunately now you know.