CC1 not transferring tp playback lane


I’m playing around with expression maps but have struck a problem.

I have a simple piece scored with different dynamics (from pp to ff), different techniques (legato, long, pizz) and have created an expression map - Peter Test, to cover the various dynamics and techniques. I have set CC1 and CC11 to different levels depending upon the dynamic markings: pp = 40 up to ff = 90, I accept that these may not be correct, but I can easily change them to be correct. I have created a playback template also called Peter Test.

My problem is that when I apply the template, CC1 and CC11 are unchanged on the playback lanes. I’m not sure which step I’m missing, how do I get the dynamic changes to transfer to the score?



Make sure that the expression map is set to use CC1 as the means of specifying primary dynamics, and CC11 as the means of specifying the secondary dynamics. Make sure that the correct expression map is chosen for each instrument in the Endpoint Setup dialog in Play mode.

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve done that. I only have one instrument - the flute - and the Endpoint set up is set to Peter Test. I think I’ve set Peter Test expression map to use CC1 then CC11, unless I’ve misunderstood the Expression Map window, yet the CC11 lane is just showing a straight line. I’ve attached a doc showing the three windows and my current settings in the hope you can point to where I’m going wrong.

No, this approach won’t work. You shouldn’t define explicit switches for dynamics in your expression map. Dorico will output CC1 and CC11 on its own in response to written dynamics according to the dynamic power curve, which you can set in Playback Options to apply to all instruments, and then override on a per-expression map basis. I would remove those switches from your expression map and then you should see that dynamics written in the score will produce changes in both CC1 and CC11. You can’t map a specific dynamic level to a precise MIDI controller value, but you should find that you can get close by adjusting the power curve value.

Thanks very much for the help - I did wonder why none of the other maps gave any instructions for dynamics. I was basing my expression map on the advice given by Paul Walmsley’s sticky note in the forum, where he seems to suggest setting up the dynamics first, then worry about the playing techniques after. I was messing about with the dynamics when I found that a piece I was working on using the BBCSO, the flute staccato was very quiet (I raised a forum question on that a week or so ago) when I looked at the CC1 and CC11 lanes I saw that the values dropped for the staccato notes and when I raised the values back up, the playback was much better.

Thanks again for your advice I am a rank beginner at expression maps - although learning more as I go along - and your help is much appreciated.