CC1 "Staircases" in shaping


Sometimes, seemingly in relation to features like “humanize dynamics”, “use pitch contour emphasis” and “beat stress”, I get “staircase effects” like this in the CC1 line in music:

On piano that maybe sounds OK, but in this case (the cello), there is a sudden unmarked drop in dynamic with each note. Obviously this is caused by the pitch contour emphasis. When I turn it off, it becomes more reasonable, but still this staircase-effect is noticeable:

This doesn’t really work so well with things like legato lines in string instruments (the cello in this case) because of the sudden transitions, going up it can give each note a sudden “accent” right on onset, and going down, a sudden dip.

It would sound much more musical if the entire line sloped so that the CC1 values were the same as they are now on each note onset, but instead of maintaining a flat CC1, it sloped toward the next value.

I can just turn off all the humanization and pitch contour emphasis of course, but the problem then is that the playback becomes very lifeless. It would be nice if the pitch contour emphasis and beat emphasis features did a “ramp” instead of “stairs”.

Could you attach a small example that reproduces this problem? I wouldn’t expect to see this kind of result, even when using pitch contour emphasis, and I suspect the issue is actually something along the lines of multiple voices with contradictory dynamics (or possibly multiple instruments, or multiple staves belonging to the same instrument) being routed to the same endpoint.