CC1 to all Midi Channels in one Instrument

Hello Everyone,

I have a string ensemble and wanted to control velocity layer of all strings with one Midi Track. But every time I assign this Track to Channel “All”, I cannot pick any CC for automation.

Is this in general not possible?

Thanks for your time and quick help =)

Are you using Kontakt? Or Halion? Or Play?

Can you give more detail?

Oh yes sorry I’m using Kontakt 5 and Play
It would be great to have any solution for both
But I tried and find none…
any hints?

I’m using strings in Kontakt f.e. and to make it more simple would be great to just adjust one Midi curve instead of all 6. Because I want them to react all the same for now I’m manipulating one velocity curve an manual copy then to all other which ist kinda tyring. I was hoping for a more easier way…

No solution available?

You might get half-way there by configuring 4 “Track Control” MIDI Send effects and route them to different channels, but that’s only 4, not 6… :frowning:

Sorry, doesn’t work. (the Track Control thing), but you could configure 4 Transformer MIDI insert effects and get at total o 5 MIDI outputs from one midi track. Still one too little :frowning: