cc10 and cc7 messages

Is there a way to use the logical editor or the midi filters (file>preferences>midi) to strip out (or ignore) cc10 and cc7 messages in midi files?

I can “delete all controllers” but is there a way to easily delete those two controllers from all the midi files in a project?

Yes, the Logical Editor…

Upper Section…
(remove the left parenthesis that is created by default)___Type is___Equal___Controller___And
(open left parenthesis)___Value 1 (Controller No.)___Equal___10___Or
Value 1 (Controller No.)___Equal___7 (close right parenthesis)

Lower Section… leave blank

Function = “Delete”

Thx Vic. I don’t use that editor hardly ever and wouldn’t have thought to remove the parenthesis.

I might expand your explanation to include “click on the “+” to be able to add the second line i.e. enable you to select “or” and the second parameter.”

Thanks again. Works exactly like I wanted it to.

Seems like if you highlight an event in list view then filter for that event it will only show you that event type.

Then select all and delete.

Been a while since I’ve did that so little foggy…