cc11 etc to a fader

Hi. how can i assign cc11, cc7, cc1 etc. to my fysical fader. i want to do the automation with my fader. And i dont mean in quickcontrols. i have about 1000 tracks, and i dont wont to go in to every tracks and do the same thing. i have seen many post about this. but nothing that can show how to do it in a easy way step by step.



Hi and welcome,

In the Generic Remote Device, you can assign a MIDI CC to the “Selected track > Volume Fader”, for example. Is this, what you are looking for? I would recommend you to thing (and read) about the pick-up mode.

I know about generic remote. The only cc i can find is volume and pan. Modulation, expression etc are not to be found in generic remote.


In the upper part you set the incoming MIDI data, you can use MIDI Learn. In the lower part you set what do you want to control, for example Volume of selected track.

I know that. But expession, modulation and other cc is not there.

This is an older thread about the same issue. They are talking about using transporter(same as logical editor?) because the other cc than volume are not to be found in generic remote.

Where? In the upper or lower part of the Generic Remote Device?

Lower part

In the lower part, you set the parameter you want to control, for example Volume, Pan. If you want to remap MIDI CC to another one, use MIDI effect Modifier, or Logical Editor.

Yes. I suppose i have to use logical editor. But that is not helping very much. :slight_smile: logical editor are not very easy to use. It’s not logic for me. So, can someone tell me step by step have to do it. I thought this was a very known problem. How to controll other cc with your fader other than volume and pan.


Use Transformer MIDI Insert.

Filter Target
Type Is > Equal > Controller > And
MIDI Controller Number > Equal > CC11

Action Target
Value 1 > Set to fixed value > Your wanted MIDI CC


Thanks. I will try. :slight_smile:

Do i have to make a macro.?


No you don’t need a Macro. Just a MIDI Insert effect Transformer.

But then i have to go in to every 1000 tracks and do the same thing? . It would just be another way to do it like note expression and quick controls. The point is to have the fader working on every tracks i selected.

EDIT…you posted the same thing while I was writing.

I think there is a rather large gap between what you’ve said you would like to do and what Martin is explaining you can do.

As far as I understand it, Midi Transformer insert will need to be inserted on every track you want to control like this…and you said already this is exactly what you want to avoid.

This might be your easier option, unless there is something I’m not understanding about the advice you’re getting.

with other words. you dont know how to do this in cubase? i know it can be done in logic editor. but i dont know how

In Cubase logical editor? Don’t think so.