CC121 Advanced Integrated Controller

Hello everyone. I am currently running Cubase pro 10.5 and I plan on updating to Cubase Pro 11. I am interested in buying the Steinberg CC121 Advanced Integrated Controller. The Steinberg CC121 was introduced back in 2007. Is the Steinberg CC121 still relevant for the current version of Cubase Pro 11 considering how old it is? Is the CC121 still capable of controlling everything that I will need it to control in Cubase pro 11? or should I wait for Steinberg to come out with a newer controller. I am running a PC with an Intel i9-9900k, Windows 10 64bit, 32 gigs of ram, 1 Terabyte NVME M.2. with Apollo X4 thunderbolt 3 audio interface.

Absolutely, I use mine everyday with Cubase 11 :slight_smile: CC121 is one of the best cubase controllers ever made . I’ve had mine for years and use it daily without fail.


Thank you for responding. i really appreciated your help. Will Steinberg soon be coming out with a newer more updated advanced Controller perhaps with more motorized faders? How well is the 1 fader working for you?

you’re very welcome :smiley: I use the CC121 in conjunction with 3x Euphonix Artist mix. So I have 24 faders that I use for mainly volume and Pan. The CC121 covers any send, Cubase EQ and the AI knob duties and also project resizing , zooming and metronome on of and volume which is the small knob on the right, it’s clickable to turn the metronome on off and then the knob controls the volume :slight_smile: . I could manage with just the CC121 and the mouse though if I had to. :slight_smile: it really is a great unit , if you find one you won’t regret it , you can use it in conjunction with any other controller so there’s no downside at all.