CC121 and other DAWs


I have a CC121 (which I love) as well as Cubase 7 (which I love less) and they work fine together. However, because of some problems, Cubase 7 cannot be my only DAW, so I go back and forth with other DAWs. It looks like the CC121 cannot be configured as a generic surface and the MIDI learning function does not work. No button/rotary/fader seems to work outside Cubase.

I wonder if it’s technically possible to make the CC121 work (even partially) with non SB software. And if so, how?


i red in one of the many posts here that it work with Reaper. even better configurable in some ways better than with cubase .
not sure about other DAW !

yes I also red that, but it looks like it works thanks to a dedicated software developed for Reaper. The point is: is it possible to use it without any additional software as all the other MIDI controllers?

I’d also be interested in getting it to work with Pro Tools but have no idea how to do this?

The problem is that the CC121 needs some special unlocking code to work properly and currently only Cubase, Wavelab, Nuendo and REAPER support this. Aside from this it’s a very simple MIDI controller that should work with every DAW out there.

So someone has to adapt Protools to support the CC121. This must be done by Avid or some 3rd party developer (I don’t know if 3rd party developers are even allowed to do such things).