CC121 and Waves v9?

It seems values in Waves VST plugins can’t be controlled with the AI knob?

I searched the forum and read this is because Waves does not support the mouse-wheel?

But that cannot be the explanation, because my actual mouse-wheel, on my mouse, controls my Waves values fine. I just wish it had the fine control of the AI knob, which I spent so much money on.

Dear Steinberg

Are you aware of this company called Waves that makes VST plugins?

Did you ever consider offering CC121 users a solution for this issue?

It is especially relevant with the excellent Waves SSL plugs because they involve a lot of onscreen knobs. This is when a 500 euro hardware control surface could really add a lot of value.

Instead I have 12 continuous value controls on my CC121 that I never use. because (1) they are arranged in the opposite order to the onscreen cubase eq controls (utter utter stupidity) and (2) i have Sonnox, Waves and Powercore plugins for EQ which I prefer to the Cubase “built-in” ones.

I read there is a way to use quick controls to remap these buttons to control Waves SSL. great idea! i love it!
but there are 12 knobs and only 8 quick controls.

Anyone had any success with this? Got any tips?

I guess what Im saying is …

I bought this hardware on the understanding that if the initial feature set what not quite what it appeared to be in the marketing, there would be software updates.

i appreciate the 8 quick controls.

please give us more?

thank you.

I have Waves VST 3- AI knob does not work, and the Lock function doesn’t work on UAD v2.4 either.
The Q and G is annoying, and when something so simple as a 10 minute reprogramming does not occur then there is only one conclusion. Steinberg are useless for support, and therefore all should move in droves to another DAW- i.e. Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic etc.

I would not own shares in a company like this.

Now Now… There’s no need to spread false rumors. Steinberg does A LOT for its customers!
Most, if not all, of their product enhancements and bug fixes are the result of extensive VOC iterations (Voice of the customer).

Your extensive knowledge of programming and application testing has qualified you to make the assumption that your request would take 10 minutes to implement?

You sound incredibly immature and incredibly inexperienced. Make sure the door doesn’t hit you in the back while you’re leaving.

I think at least the plugins in steinbergs plugin-zone pages should be verified to integrate with cubase/nuendo before they do advertisement for them. Waves does not but is on the list.

As many people here I wish to use the CC121 with my Waves plugins. Please SB try to make this be possible.


Please fix it

No idea to bark in this forum. Talk to your waves support.

As posted in the other thread, with Waves r29 or later the AI knob works in Cb.