CC121 and Waves

Hi. I’m considering to buy the CC121 but first i need to know if it works with Waves V8 plugins. I think using the AI Knob with third pardy plugins would be a real cool thing :wink: Do you have any experience with it?

The AI Know doesn’t work with Waves 8, which are VST3.

This is very annoying and I would like to know why!

The AI Know does not work with quite a few plugins I use every day.

The Lock function does not work with anything except Steinberg plugins it seems. What a shame!

Thank you for the answer. Hmm… Indeed it is very annoying :confused: I like the concept of CC121 but this is s reason for me not to buy it because I use Waves plugins frequently. I hope they will fix it in the future.

Waves didn’t implement mouse-wheel support, the plugins don’t have to be vst3 format they only need to support mousewheel functionality, vst3 is mainly for advanced routing/sidechaining.