CC121 Availability

I have ordered CC121 from an online shop in Germany months ago. They keep postponing the delivery date and now they are not sure they will get it.

Can i have hopes of Steinberg delivering a new shipment of CC121? Or it is discontinued. If it is discontinued what time-frame can we expect something to replace CC121?

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At 18:51 it is mentioned that the CC121 is discontinued.
I haven’t heard anything about a release of a new CUBASE/NUENDO controller from Steinberg so far.

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Many thanks for clearing this up. Since i cannot find the CC121 in stock, i will wait for Steinberg to release its replacement. Hope they keep the same compact dimensions.

I was also looking for the cc121 and I’m pretty sad it was discontinued.

@TimoWildenhain I’d like to ask if there is any chance a new controller will show up in the future. Hope you can tease us :blush: