CC121 being discontinued 15th of April ? True or False

Ive just heard form someone that the CC121 is being discontinued on the 15th of April , can anyone shed any light on this please ?

From whom did you hear that?


So no answer to the question?

Pardon ?
There’s the source or is the picture not showing up ?

I see a non-attributed quote in an image with the author avatar cropped out.

Don’t be patronising , im asking Steinberg a question . If you don’t know the answer then please just moderate , thanks

I’m not patronizing you. I would have made an inquiry and confirmed or denied if the source was legit. Have a good one.

We have been debating this subject in a group fro a while as all retailers are out of stock , i put it down to the fire in Japan causing and issue with component supplies but today this certain person posted that the CC121 is being "officially " discontinued and you know as well as me Steve that sometimes Steinberg can be rather flaky when replying to emails so i thought i woulds just pop my head in and see if there’s any substance to this .

I just received mine from Thomann today. But yes, I have to wait for it for months.

CC121 is available everywhere in Germany.
Especially at Thomann. No problem.

Really ? Says out of stock here ?

You are right - Thomann says available in 1 - 2 weeks:

Musicstore says at the beginning of June 2021:

… but all other shops don’t have any more in stock.

Maybe something better is coming. With 24 faders or so …

Hence my original question

I didn’t mean for my Facebook post to create a fuss. However, my post was made in good faith from credible sources.

In Stock ,and they were out of stock when i checked last week so things are on the move .

That’s pretty sweet. I’d bet it’s residual inventory though. That may be the reason why an “official” announcement hasn’t been made. I mean, it is a great controller regardless. And it has definitely aged very, very well.

FYI: This is strictly a rumor, with no basis in fact.

It’s the longest serving controller on the market , it’s due for retirement or a rehash but there’s still no word, Greg Ondo has heard nothing , no chiming in here from the Steinberg staff to confirm or not, so it’s still a limbo state of not knowing . Andertons are due for stock tomorrow but they have a bad habit of changing delivery states of everything , we will find out in the next week or so for sure

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Sweetwater removing it makes it more suspect than merely just a rumor. Claiming its “no longer available” versus “currently unavailable” suggests it is a safe assumption. But, yes… I agree that it is all speculation at this point. If I find out otherwise, then I will definitely purchase one for myself. :slight_smile: