CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

I’m new to Cubase, so a learner and not hot on the Tech jargon used to describe the CC121 online.
I have a PC, Cubase (now 10), lots of sounds etc, one keyboard (Korg Triton ProX), a Focus Scarlett 18i8 Audio Interface. Small home studio.

In simple language: would this Hardware be of any use for me? Should I just wait?


It makes certain things easier, like having the volume fader always at your finger tip, transport button, solo, mute, channel settings and open the instrument user interface.
See also here:

But see also here (check the dates of these posts, its still the same situation today):

My recommendation to you as a beginner: wait - and learn to understand your needs and requirements to a remote controller.

I agree with MarcoE.

However I was getting really tired of moving and clicking a mouse, it gets very tedious. I find using the mouse with the CC121 has made a massive difference, especially with the AI knob controlling whatever the mouse is pointing at.

I won’t use Cubase without a controller now.

Buy another controller that is properly supported. Check the last update for our fine CC121

Basically it is a timesaver. But sometimes when i am busy with my mouse, i forget i have the CC121. Because with the mouse scrollwheel you can do the same as with the Knob of the CC121. I enjoy the CC121, as i had before a Mackie Control Pro. Both are worth it. I now use the CC121 for Play Controls, Scrubwheel, Adjust settings with the Knob. And i switched to Cubase EQ instead of others. It is a good hardware and runs well.