CC121 Controller

Are there any plans to integrate the steinberg controller cc121 to work with Dorico?

No current plans, but when we come to look at support for external control surfaces we’ll see if it’s possible to integrate.

Daniel, please do this. It will be very useful for our workflow.

I was able to use MIDI learn on CC121 to map the transport bar, metronome click, etc. It would be nice to be able to select channels in the mixer (F3) and select them.

Hi! I’m wondering if there is now any improvement to work with external MIDI control surfaces? I’m particullary interested also to work with the CC121 in Dorico. Main reason for me is to use the play/stop buttons. Controlling the mixer is a nice to have :slight_smile:

I have been using cc121 with Dorico for some time now starting in Dorico 3.5 You can midi learn the transport functions, the metronome on /off switching and it works flawlessly.

Hi Jazztom, thanks for your quick reply. Is midi learning a feature availabele in Dorico Elements? Or where do you enable/start this?

Hi basseART,

I don’t know about Elements because I’m using Pro. In Dorico Pro I go to “Preferences” then “key commands” and then you can choose the commands you want to midilearn. Hope this is available in Elements as well. Good luck!

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Thanks Tom, this workaround works! Although native support for the CC121 still would be a nice feature for Dorico :wink:

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glad it works. :slight_smile:


I’ll add my support for adding CC121 support to Dorico.

Update: Yes, I know it’s discontinued but there are many of us who have them and use them.

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