CC121 + Cubase 7

I’m migrating to Cubase 7 from Logic, and also looking at the CC121. Any info as to it being supported?


They would really piss me off if it wasn’t supported :stuck_out_tongue:.
If you look in this feature comparison:

The CC121 is clearly listed in the ‘Advanced Integration Features’ table.

Isn’t it curious that it’s listed under 1394 devices when it has no 1394 port?

Yeah. It seems like they forgot to update that bit of the table, as it should probably also list the CMC controllers and the UR interfaces. (which are also all USB).

Support is not the same thing as it will work, nor be useful.

Engineered specifically for the thousands of production environments using Cubase worldwide, CC121 interfaces the creativity of musicians and producers with the functional complexity of the world’s most popular music production system. CC121 provides totally integrated tactile control of all parameters within Cubase, with a unique design architecture that keeps you 100% focused on your project.

No one have been able to tell me how to do a QC-learn. “all parameters” ? I like the cc121 but with better software it would be much better. I don’t think it will be better i C7. The new mixer will be a pain in the ass with CC121 of they haven’t done a major rework of the CC121 integration. But there is a lot of changes for remotes in C7 that I hope solve most of my worries. We will see in a few weeks!

Steinberg must hate hardware controllers since they move all threads about them from cubase section.

hmm, IEEE1394 is firewire, but the cc121 has an USB connector ? strange.