Cc121 + Cubase pro 9.5 graphics issue

On my system if I use the cc121 controller to navigate down through the tracks…in the project page at around track 11 or 12 it starts to highlight every track from that point down, as you navigate down. It only seems to be a graphics bug and the tracks are not really selected. Does not happen in the mixconsole. And if I use the keyboard arrow keys it will un-highlight the tracks and look normal again. Happens on any old project and newly created projects as long as there are at least 11 tracks or more. Anyone else?

Yes. Confirmed.

Ok. What OS are you on? So we can see if it is cross platform or just Windows 10 etc.

If you use the QWERTY keyboard same thing happens, not related to the CC121.

I’m on Win 8.1.

Does not happen with QWERTY keyboard for me. Just with cc121. I will check my other controllers but I don’t think they are effected.

Depends on how many tracks you have, but if i scroll down by holding the down arrow key, I can reproduce it every time. Same goes for the other way.
There has to be enough tracks that there is actual scrolling going on.

So the new GUI re-write that makes everything a bit snappier must have a bug. Does Steinberg acknowledge this?

Yes, well sort of, there are GFX improvements on the way, I expect this glitch to be one of them.
It is nice to watch the GPU performance meter in WIN10 finally showing Cubase using the GPU.
Cubase must be one of the last DAW’s transitioning from GDI

Yes I have the same bug with my cc121 and Pro 9.5.
I’m on Windows 10.
It seems to be folder tracks that really mess up on my one, (but that could just be that my folders are 9 or 10 tracks down)

Confirmed here too. QWERTY keyboard no problem. Fault lies when using C121 controller

Is there anything to say that Steinberg have taken this on board?

Idem, that’ s horrible!! The issue is not only whith CC121 but with every control surface that permit fast moving trak.

No Indication that Steinberg has acknowledged this issue. Right now this and a few other issues like the mixconsole history bug has me staying on pro 9.03 for now. Just par for the course with Steinberg unfortunately.

Confirmed here as well using cc121 and Mackie


Found that if you set the preference to enlarge selected track in preferences that the issue goes away. Maybe someone can conform this work around.


Work around confirmed

Found a new bug, search for enlarge selected track in the on line English manual index and get references to two non relevant pages.
Now both bugs needs acknowledgement and fixing.


Issue is listed as fixed in C9.5.10

C9.5.10 fixed it for me

Fixed here too :slight_smile: