CC121 does not work with Wndows 10 and Cubase 10

Today I bought CC121 I have tried to install the device three times without success with Windows 10 and Cubase 10. Nothing works. Tomorrow back in the shop.

working here - so something else going on in your installation

hahaha surely something is wrong with installation or hardware but who can know what Steinberg and Microsoft did for a simple non-expert user.

Hi all

Working perfectly here too

Best Regards, Dave

Hello all

Need some help here guys…

I reinstalled my whole system yesterday, gone to WIN 10 Pro and Cubase 10.5. Everything is perfect, but I can not install the CC121 drivers. I see the device in the device manager but the drivers are not loaded.

I tryed Tools, Extension and driver only. Tools and Extension installation completes. But if I want to install driver only there is an error: “Drivers are to old for this system.”

My CC121 was off during installation like the manual says… PLEASE HELP

Windows 10 Pro info: x64 - V 1909