cc121 driver installation failed


I cant install the drivers(also latest download) for my CC121 in win 7 64 bits (working with cubase 6)
Where can I download the right driver for my tool
Or what sould I do to make it functioning on my system ?

not all at once please :wink:
The new driver 1.6 "is outdated " ???

I have also a Motif XF with the latest drivers for YAMAHA

The awnser to this question is
Click on the yellow ? and install the driver (YAMAHA) for the XF and all the problems are soved I think that the driver from the XF is higher than the driver for the CC121

Becourse everything is running now in Cubase 6 at 64 bits in Win -7

Thanks steinberg for the outdadet driver 1.6 :wink:
This cousted me 1/2 day searching

The end

Greetings from Belgium

:blush: I’m still waiting here for a proper sollution STEINBERG is this a help forum ?
I have send mails to the helpdesk to and I receive nothing
So I have boucht a thing for 350€ that is not working properly in cubase 6 and I get NO helping hand from Steinberg ???
or Yamaha becourse the awnser from yamaha is that it is NO yamaha driver …i’m I blind or wath ???:wink: :blush:
I sold my DAW sonar X-1 for I toucht a better stabel DAW but it is all the same shit iow NO helping hands from the manufacturor

so… I have called with Steinberg and …conclusion (1€/min)

Again money …for no proper sollution ???


Nothing, if you have a XF driver installed then you can’t install the driver for the CC121,there is no proper sollution for it at this moment .
I’m working with the CC121 and I have the driver now for the XF (2 times installed)
bud I see in cubase 6 my CC121 ,and ion windows-7 I see YAMAHA WDM
and everything is working

So steiberg; you’v got stll work to do, to make a proper driver for the CC121 :smiley:

end of investigation :sunglasses: