CC121 (eq part) vs. CMCQC (as eq controller)

Have anyone tried both the CC121 and the CMCQC?

I use the internal eq in Cubase 7 a lot(!) and it would greatly speed up my workflow if I could use a controller for this.

I am thinking of getting the CC121 but I’ve read somewhere (Sound On Sound perhaps?) that you can’t do a proper sweep through the frequencies with the CC121 since it either in- or decreases the frequency by 1 hz or “jumps” through the frequencies when you turn the knob fast. Is this true? If it is, can you use the AI wheel insted? Could you just hover the mouse over the frequency knob of the eq on screen and then do a more smooth sweep with the AI wheel?

If you can’t, then I would like to know if it is possible to do a nice sweep using the CMCQC (I wouldn’t be using the controller for quick controls at all I think, I’m just interested in the eq)? I almost always do a sweep when searching for the right frequency so it’s kind of a deal breaker if the controllers can’t do a smooth sweep through the frequencies.

I’m on Win 8.1 and Cubase 7.0.6 here btw.

CC121 here sweeps just fine. A couple of years back it was a bit jerky, but there have been a couple of updates to the cc tools that have smoothed it out just fine.

Ok. I also got a few replies that said the same in another thread, so I’m gonna go for a CC121. Thanks for the reply.

i see this thread is about cc121 and about knob specifically .
i have cc121 but im not comfortable with the knobs in some situations…( i think its firmware is the last one)
the high resolution is fine for small adjustments and movements, but if i want to do big sweep like a real physical panorama knob in one circular movement without taking the finger off the knob(say pan from far left to far right rapidly or full cutoff from 0 to127 in quick control) i have to do it several times and it slow,and with breaking the sweep movement cuz i have to lift the finger to resume the circular movement.
(to do a full pan scale movements rapidly i need a robotic wrist or use the knob with electrical drill grasping the knob :unamused: )

It can be a bit jumpy yes, but it works well enough to draw some automation that resembles what I’m after. It usually requires some manual editing afterwards though.

Well, I’m waiting for my CC121 to show up, since I allready ordered it. I hope that it will live up to my needs.

Hope it makes better workflow for you :sunglasses: Enjoy !

The frequency knob of the CC121 is pretty useless. you can`t sweep - well as long as you are used to analog style sweeps. also the frequency knob and the gain are inversed in relarion to the software. many people have requested an update of the firmware. but steinberg did nothing so far. i bought the CC121 because of the EQ section. but i haven’t touched it in 2 years. shame since the onboard cubase eq is much better than sony oxford for example…

I find that in C7, with the EQ spectrum line displayed in the mix console, I use the CC121 more than ever. I guess the fact that the GUI knobs are not visible means I no longer think at all about the mismatched positions of virtual and physical knobs, not that it ever really bothered me that much anyway.

As you say it’s a decent enough eq for many tasks and for me easy access via CC121 makes it very handy.

QC has shift for fine adjustment. But QC does not have any means of change the EQ type.

I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure you could setup the “F” keys on the QC to cycle through the EQ types for each band.
one of the great things about the CMC series are the F keys (F key Steinberg for discontinuing them!).

I have a set of monitors, a grot box, and headphones that I have assign to the F keys on the AI controller so I can switch between my monitors.
Now that I think about it, I’ll probably setup the F keys on the QC to change EQ types.
You can also use the MIDI mode on the QC and assign the knobs to whatever you want using the Generic Remote Control settings. So you could have them control the selected channel’s send amounts for example or control the LP/HP filters on the EQ. It would be as simple as hitting MIDI and then turning the knob once you set it up.

I really hope they continue to support the CMC series. I think people passed them off as toys while I see them as some of the best controllers I’ve used with Cubase.

With some proper software they would have been great. Why can only f buttons be assigned? I have have CC121, QC, CH . Channel select is the same all three. At least they could have different channel select functions. One follows all-channels, one follows mixer view, one follow main view. SHift-channel-select on two gives more options. And still only channel-select. Poor software…