CC121 eq potis - smooth in one direction, jumpy in the other

Hello everyone

Thanks to a lot of fiddling, digging, and some helpful tutorials I have been able to set up my cc121’s eq section to control third party plugins. I use the Generic Remote Control, so I can use all twelve potis instead of only 8 with Quick Controls.

But there is a slight problem. All potis work fine to scroll upwards. If I use the frequency band 1 knob, I can sweep smoothly through the frequencies. But only upwards. As soon as I turn the poti in the other direction, even very lightly, it directly jumps all the way back to 0 Hz. It’s the same with Q and Gain potis as well. Upwards all is fine, downwards it jumps directly to 0.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? I’m on Windows 10, Cubase 8.5.20, cc121 Tools 1.7.6. The behaviour occurs no matter which third party plugin I am using. It might have something to do with flags in Generic Remote. If ‘relative’ isn’t triggered for the potis, the behaviour is very erratic. They only seem to change between two settings (one very low, the second one around midway on their specific scale). Selecting the relative-flag makes them work in the way described above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.