CC121 fader works but nothing else!

My CC121 has stopped working properly.
The Fader is the only thing that works both ways ie controling and controlled by mixer but no other buttons EQ knobs or the AI Knob works although at times the buttons light up.
The Blue light Cubase Ready is on but not flashing.
I have changed USB cables, which go directly to PC port (USB 3) which was working fine until a month or so ago . I have changed USB ports. I have checked the Power Supply and I have uninstalled and re-installed the Yamaha Midi Drivers and CC121 extention. I downloaded the latest available drivers 1.4 or similar am running windows 10 and Cubase Pro11. I am at my wits end and have started looking at alternative devices, not that I can afford anything. I need it for my music and have only had use of it for four years. Is it really knackered or is there something I have missed.
At the moment its a big bit of junk taking up lots of space to control one fader. I loved using the CC121 with Cubase and made great use of it.
If anyone has an insight on what may be wrong I would really appreciate any guidance.
Many thanks

If you hadn’t said you had already tried swapping USB cables that’s the first thing that came to mind when you described the problem (i.e. the fader works off a separate circuit powered by the wall-wart). Are you 100% sure the cable you swapped in was totally good? Also, I would take a flashlight and magnifying glass and look at the USB socket on your CC121 and make sure nothing got in to dirty the contacts or that any of the contacts are damaged. If you have some contact cleaner or Deoxit laying around I would give the port a good shot with it. If that doesn’t work, I would contact Steinberg support and see if they can repair for a fee since you’re past the warranty period most likely.

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Thank you very much. I will try another USB lead as you suggested and clean the port. I didn’t mention but there was an ‘intermitent’ stage where it would work properly for a bit perhaps until next time I loaded a new song or switched the PC off for the day, then next time I booted up it was no longer working again. I did think the PSU might be on the way out so I fished around and found another that ran at 12V and 800ma but no difference. The fader does not respond remotely without the PSU although by manual it operates the corrosponding Cubase mixer fader. So there is at least some power getting to the unit and also the PSU gets warm after use but I think that is normal.
As you suggest if I still cant get it working I will have to check out Steinberg support. Thanks again.

If I’m remembering correctly, the wall-wart power supply only powers the motor for the fader. The fader still works when moved manually even without the PSU connected, it just won’t respond to automation in your DAW without PSU. Everything else works off the USB power. The intermittent aspect of your issue would probably fit with a dirty or broken (breaking) USB port. Definitely give it a check.


Yep, same issue here. Nothing works except the main fader when powered up