Cc121 function buttons not working


My cc121 function button 1 is green and seems to be “stuck” - even though it’s green, it doesn’t operate and I can’t get any of the other function button to light up and operate.

I’m on the latest version of Mac osX Catalina and using the latest version of Cubase 11.

Is it possible that the Monitor Control Mode is switched on and no other monitor configuration is available?
Please press the [Lock] and [Jog] Buttons on the CC121 at the same time when Cubase is running. Then this menu appears:

In this menu you can switch the key assignment back to the other options

P.A.T. - YOU, my friend, are a genius! I’ve owned and used this thing for ever and never knew this function.

Guess I should pull out the manual and discover what else I don’t know!

Once again, thank you!

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