cc121 in hub question

Hi! I have 1 question.As i read from manual youll have to hook it up directly to usb, not in the hub.My prob is that in my macbookpro there is only 2 usb outs.One of them is definetly reserved for the Duet 2 interface.No way im goin to send audio through hub, this is nuts right?Then i have the other one, which have hub innit with cubase key,ilok key and midi keyb.So theres no way i can replace all that with just cc121.What option am i left?
Thoretically what do you think if i connect cc121 adapter so it will not need direct usb power, will it manage in hub or i will brake it down somehow?thats why im asking, these days you cant experiment that much youll just end up screwing technology up…kinda:) tnx for your time

I would like to know that too because I am planning to get a MacBook pro and I don’t know how I will be able to manage such USB devices.


i have my cc121 connected to an active 10 port USB2 hub.
Also connected are 2 HD’s, 2 dongles, printer…
It works fine without any problems.


MBP here - no troubles at all (through both a four port or six port hub, depending on how much junk I’ve got connected!)

Can you successful HUB users tell me how many “Amps” your power supply that connects directly to the HUB has?

I have USB HUB that has an “optional” power supply and I was wondering if a 1.5A adaptor I have laying around would be enough for the CC121 - or do I need to jump up to a 2.0A model…

Thanks !

This is NOT the exact power adaptor, but the pic is attached so you can see where to find the 2.0A information.

Thanks in advance

I use the CC121 on a passive hub (ie, no power at all) without difficulty. Obviously, to use the fader, you need to plug the CC121 in with its own PSU, but the draw otherwise is minimal, so I would imagine anything would be fine. Although that said, some older MBPs had different power levels on different USB ports so depending on your exact machine you might need to try different “master” ports that the hub goes into, if that makes sense.

My current machine (17", the last of the C2Ds, can’t remember the chipset name) is not fussy like my old 15" Santa Rosa was.