CC121 ISSUE on 10.5 PRO

Thanks, very impressive. Really I appreciate you to continue your work.

Same on Windows …

Sadly, confirmed here on Windows 10 Pro 1909 and Cubase Pro 10.5: CC121 can’t control Cubase sends levels with the gain knobs anymore. It was working just fine in Cubase 10.

It quite clear that cubase 10.5 should not have been released to mac users.

At least I hope that Steinberg finally release an updated firmware for the CC121 for both Windows and OSX. We shouldn’t forget that it is a current product, still being marketed and on sale, not the almost abandoned item it might seem to be regarding driver support.

Hopefully Steinberg/Yamaha has used the CC121 and CMC’s for their MIDI2.0 development and kicks off MIDI2.0 with new firmware with support of those features!

seems they shouldn’t have released it at all no one seems to have a working copy

Steinberg, please don’t forget to fix this in 10.5.10… :bulb:

Was this finally fixed in 10.5.10? I can’t test it myself until tomorrow.

No… It will still not adjust the sends from the CC121 :unamused:

Thanks for the info. Very sad, indeed. :cry:

“CC121 1.7.6 :heavy_multiplication_x: update in early March”


It seems that many people are having problem with CC121 in Cubase Pro 10.5… me too!!

Any solution yet? Actually, I think I did have it working OK before I did a clean install of High Sierra on my Mac Pro. Now, after installing the CC121 drivers it is not working. Interestingly, in Cubase Studio Setup / Remote Devices, though it is listed in the device pull-down menu, it is the ONLY one that doesn’t install - even the ancient Houston device makes an appearance when selected - but not CC121. How strange - and annoying.

So, are we waiting for an update from Steinberg to fix this? In which case, COME ON GUYS!!

As I mentioned, I’m not aware of it not working before I did my clean install, but perhaps I’m now running a more updated version of Cubase… who knows?

So, before I abandon Cubase products entirely, after a 32 year relationship which has cost be thousands…

This seems to be finally fixed!

Great… Have you tested yet?

I will test it by monday :wink:

Yes. No extra features, but the Aux Sends are working again, which was the main point of the update.

New function per the release under New Functions in the CC121 Download. Aint much but some stuff there

Unfortunately, the new functions listed in that document were for the v1.6 update, released ten years ago. No extra stuff since then.

Shocker huh :open_mouth: I would call this an UNSUPPORTED PRODUCT, all they did was fix the FX send issue and make it compatible with Catalina

I’m having an issue too with 10.5 pro and CC121
If i select a channel, then select a new channel, the motorised fader doesn’t update its position until you move it physically. Like it’s losing sync with the channels. Then seems to work for a while before doing the same thing again.