cc121 malfunctions cubase 9

open new or any existing cubase 9 project.

click on any midi or audio track.

select any cc121 button ( record, monitor, read, write, vst, etc )

cc121 does not respond to selected track

cc121 is stuck on one random track only no matter what track you select.

cc121 works for that one stuck track only.

cc121 works with cubase 8.5

I can confirm this. CC121 does not respond to the track selected in the Projects Window. It will only respond to whichever track is selected in the Mixer.

Same problems here! Cubase 9 working fine, but with Cubase 9.5.30 CC121 does not respond to selected track!

Any solution???


I am having issues with CC121 responding to track changes on cubase 9.5.3.

If I am in mix view the channel select does not move left or right if I press arrows on cc121. If I am in project view the cc121 channel select works going from track to track but no buttons respond to the highlighted track instead they respond to the track it is stuck on in the mix view.

Seems like some kind of sync issues. Would love any ideas or help.