CC121 MIDI Out Activity?

The MIDI signal in the MIDI Out Activity panel fluctuates within Cubase 8.5. Its almost as if its set to a Tempo signal. Is this a hardware issue or a bug? Cant seem to get rid of it besides deactivating the MIDI Out Activity transport panel( which I dont want to do). Is anyone else experiencing this? Quite annoying.

Yes everyone is experiencing this, and it’s not a bug.
It would be great if Cubase could filter that midi activity from the meter though, because I’ve not heard 1 person who thought it was useful. Everyone either doesn’t care or thinks it’s annoying.
Won’t happen though, this has been discussed with the developers before :frowning:.
You should be able to find the topic on these forums somewhere, but it was a good while ago!

edit: found it

Note that the user ‘Guest’ was Chris Beuermann, who worked for Steinberg at the time.

Hi saltybeard -

I think this could be ‘midi active sensing’. Suggest you Google the subject for an explanation.