CC121 MKII !!!

And please add the ability to control the entire re-designed channel strip as well as all sends and inserts!!!

They dont need to make a new hardware for that, they only need to fix there software.

Cubase Pro WP*

*wasted potentials

EXACTLY, no update in two years but the product is still being sold.


For me it’s not so much CC121 MK 2 but cubase 10 itself in combination with CC 121. Because of track selection issue
I does not work correctly with multi-out vst’s anymore. Because of this and right click issue I stay with Cubase 9.04
Update: The Issue is fixed in C 10.0.15, Nuendo 8.3.2 and Cubase 9.5.5 and in Nuendo 8.3.15

CC121 MKll would be awesome!!!

yes yamaha mini nuage style controller



Yeah, it just baffles me why there is still not a professional controller made specifically for Cubase somewhere in between the $429.00 and $12,000 price range. :laughing:

+1 including the ability to let the main fader send CC7.

yes a very cool NanoNuage

a nuendo/cubase 100% compatible controller
icon platform nano or presonus faderport2 competitor

I still use my Houston controller + CC121, Steinberg had the perfect in between product
but messed it up by canseling the Houston

What do you nmean, cancelling? It should still work with midi or not?

Ditto and ditto, come on Steinberg, at least one last update to add this functionality to both the CC121 and CMC would make these units awesome!
Please please reconsider implementing this!