CC121 Multi-Instance support

I have a bizarre request, but here goes. I use 2 instances of Cubase synced via MTC on the same machine. When using CC121 volume control, it affects both of the selected tracks in both sessions regardless of which application is in view. In a perfect world I could make it so that CC121 only affects the Cubase that is currently focused in Windows, but IDK if that is possible. Right now I’ve been just disabling CC121 on one or the other, but it seems like there could be a more elegant solution somehow. Not sure if this is a feature request or if there is a hack out there that would make this possible. Thanks.

A related topic, I’d like to use a USB MIDI Keyboard and controllers on both sessions as well, but I think one instance of Cubase hogs the MIDI driver from the other etc. etc.

That is not a bizarre request. However I would like to generalize it a bit, to extend for all types of controllers. For the Mackie it would be great if you could have different setup for each mixer view. I have two for mixing, and a small one that is good for self-tracking. However they dont work together, they are cascade so it is not useful or as in most cases makes a mess. You will of course also need to add the number of QC’s. 64 or 256 is a more usable value than the 8 we got today. 8 for Elements, 32 for Artist and 256 for Pro?