CC121 not work with Windows XP SP2

I have tried to install my CC121 with my windows XP SP2 setup. I have used the last version (1.6). The CC121 extension seems OK but i never be able to install the USB midi driver, windows always report an error for the installation. I have try with different versions, i have uninstall, reinstall, impossible. I have also check the forums and edit the windows 32 registry for midi. It not work. Is someone have a suggestion ?


what kind of error message do you get ?



The first part of the installation for CC121 extension is OK. When i power on the unit, windows recognize it and i install the CC121 automatically. At the end of the installation, windows leave a message “An error occured during the installation …”

the CC121 works with no problems on my WinXP (SP2) System.


Hello. If you check the old forum, you will see that other users report the same problem with Windows XP with the CC121.

As per my sig, XP/SP2 here. No problems with CC121