CC121 Not working

I did a new Cubase 10 install on a new Windows 10 setup. I installed the CC121 Tools as directed and made sure that the firmware is current.
The “Cubase Ready” light does not go solid and there is no indication of Cubase 10 recognizing the device.


The Windows Device Manager must show the “Yamaha USB-Midi Driver (WDM)” below the “Audio, Video and Game Controller” node, if installed correctly.

Try Midi OX, if it shows the Midi Port of the CC121 and activities of it. It’s old software but the 32bit version still runs on Win10 64bit. I see my CC121 at Midi OX incl. activities (Midi Port Activitiy or Monitor - Output windows of Midi OX).

Does Cubase show it at the Studio->Studio Settings->Midi Connections with status “active”?

In the Windows device manager the CC121 flashes in and out of the list every other second. When it does, it says “driver is unavailable”.

It does not appear at all in Cubase.

Hi there

No problems with CC121 here, similar setup, hardware or cable failure perhaps?

Best Regards, Dave

I have seen this issue with my company notebook, but never with my home systems. this was a Lenovo. I did connect it to my USB hub which also was connected to the CC121. I never solved it, as I don’t have an music software on that notebook…
I guess you tried other USB connectors as well. my you can try to deactivate the energy saving for USB devices. You can find it at the advanced energy options.