CC121 read / write does not work on VSTi automation track

Hi there,

A) The issue: the Write and Read buttons of the CC121 usually works on audio tracks and instrument tracks… but not on a VSTi automation track. (one created in the vsti rack). Hitting the “w” button on the CC121 arms an other track, as if it can’t be automated.

So I have to manually click (with the mouse) and it is ok.

B) How to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an VSTi in the vst instrument racks. (anyone)
  3. Choose “yes or no” at the answer " Do you want to create a midi track assign to…".
  4. Select the track generated by Cubase which has the vsti automation track (contains the parameters to control)
  5. Hit “w” on the CC121…

What happens next is that CC121 arm the “write” to an other track. (the prior one)

C) Does someone can confirm? Is this a bug or a feature not implemented yet?

Thanks for answering!!



No one can confirm? :confused: