CC121 stops working in C9

Hi all.

Recently upgraded to C9.
Now I have problems with my CC121. When I´m working on my project (playing around with different Stenberg Instruments in monitor mode) the CC121 suddenly goes black. The only thing thats blinking is the Cubase ready led.
The first time I could reset the cc121 from within cubase but it only worked one time.
I have never ever had any problem with the device earlier.
Yes it´s updated to the lates firmware and driver.
Don´t know what to do ?

well, It seems that a new install of the driver took care of the issue :slight_smile:

Hi again.
Well it seems that I still have problems with my cc121 in c9.
All new drivers are installed, but after some time working with different software instruments it seems that my CC121 looses contact with C9.
I´ll get no response from the cc121 even if I klick on the project window. I have to restart C9 to get it to work again.
Any thoughts ???