CC121 third party plugin control

Hi, i would like to get a rotary knob encoder controller for controlling plugin parameters. Was looking at the CC121 since its layout looks most practical. I know it is automatically mapped to the cubase stock eq but wanted to know if mapping it to control third party plugins like Slate and Waves is tedious and repititive.
That said any other controller suggestion is also welcome, something of the Softube Console 1 footprint, just select and tweak.

nektar panorama p1 -for what you require there’s nothing to touch it.

Looks good. How does it compare to the Avid Artist Mix in terms of faster workflow?

Hi the AI Knob works great on almost any plugin, however not yet on Waves plugins, see my post I just posted a few minutes back.

How about with Slate plugins? Especially the VMR?

I cannot test this as I do not have slate plugins

How hard is the mapping and do you have to do it for every 3rd party plugin seperately?

AI Knob doesn’t need to be mapped, you just hoover with the mouse pointer on the parameter and turn the AI Knob.
For the CC121 the quick controls are nice but mapped in cubase self. The CC121 isn’t really mappable, only the one pot controller is configurable as monitor volume or something else.

Avid S3 is excellent for plugin control although it’s certainly a very expensive option compared to something like the CC-121.

I’ve got a Nektar Panorama P1 and persoally I don’t find it at all nice to use for plugin control. I find that it takes far too long to navigate to the parameter that I’m looking for and I’d much rather just grab my mouse.

The soon to be released Avid Dock might be an interesting option.

i think i would rather wait for the Raven Mti 2.

There is many vendors that does not support it. Slate is one of them that does not. Spectrasonic does not. Native Instrument does not. Eventide does not. Lexicon does not. AKAI does not. Toontrack does not. A lot of does not. Brainworx,Waves and Softube does!