CC121 to control other plugins

I have a ssl duende and I want to control the channel strip plugin with a control surface. I already have 6 mackie controls (one main unit + 5 expanders) for a total of 48 + 1 master buss fader. I want to control the ssl ch strip plugin with the cc121 eq function knobs. That is the only plugin I care about controlling from the cc121

Has anyone set up the cc121 as a generic control and got it to work like this? and if you have got it to work like this when I switch to another channel in cubase will it control the ssl ch strip plugin on that channel? I always use slot 3 to put the ssl ch strip on so it will remain like that.

I am using cubase 5.5 64 bit right now. I just pre ordered cubase 6 and will be using the x64 bit version on (win 7 pro 64 bit).

Anyone have any luck doing something like this.

On a side note has anyone got the mackie c4 to work in this function set up as a generic control.

I do not own a cc121 or a mackie c4 as of now, I would like to see if anyone has any luck doing this before a purchase one of these controllers.

Thanks for your help, Brian

I own a CC121 and SSL PCIe card. The CC121 will not control 3rd Party VST’s. Perhaps it’s something Steinberg should look into. :mrgreen:

In Cubase 6 I was able to control the Duende Native plugins using CC121´s AI knob. It also works on varios other plugins, both VST 2 and 3. Don ´t know though, why it does work on some and on other no…

All the best.