CC121 update tools V1.6 - who really need it?


Using the CC121 since more that one year, I’m looking for:

  1. changing the annoying EQ allocation, which is different to the Cubase one
  2. let all light turned-on, most looking for dimming functionality
  3. using the AI KNOB for almost all VST-units, and not only the chosen ones from Steinberg

I was never reading a request from users in this forum (sorry: the former forum), that the now made modifications are a need.

Sometimes I get the impression, Steinberg is not listening to the users, just doing, what is convenient for then right now. Are I’m right :question:

So…waiting now for a firmware update to fix the wishes (problems/failures) as discribed above.


same here. i have been waiting, waiting, waiting. It should be so simple to swap the Q and the G button. Maybe 5 mins programming? also the EQ sensitivity should be user definable, so many users have been requesting it. long story short: since i bought the CC121 i haven´t really used the EQ section at all! i hope things will be changed before the unit is discontinued…


I don’t really care, which part will change, either CC121 or the Cubase SW.
But… I just think, it should be easier on the CC121 SW than on the “big” Cubase package.

So…still waiting and just wondering each time I use the EQ section on the CC121. :cry:


I like that the gain is on the bottom on the CC121.

But it is so absolutely infuriating that the software and hardware don’t match on a proprietary controller. I mean, how did Steinberg allow the order of the eq knobs not to match their own software, for which the controller’s sole reason of existence is to control intuitvely!

This is a horrendous blunder by Steinberg and needed fixed well over a year ago, yet we wait… and wait, and wait…

I dont’ mean to sound to frustrated, but I’ve invested in Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab, Steinberg Mr 816’s CC121’s and feel the right to state what seems to be a glaring oversight after giving Steinberg so much of my clients money (that was briefly mine…:slight_smile:

I have forwarded this request again. It has been brought up before and it is rather obvious to have this remappable so let’s see what development comes up with.

Forwarded as well!

This should work with a good amount of 3rd party plug-ins as well if you have a Cubase 5.x version which you do.
If a plug-in does not react on the AI knob this kind of functionality is not implemented in the plug-in.


Thanks a lot for your support. :sunglasses:



Thanks for forwarding these suggestions/requests again!

Much Appreciated.

Just received a feedback on the dimming feature. According to development this is not possible with the current hardware. Sorry!

But it cannot be that hard to swap the two functions of the EQ to match the hardware. Just create a new option in the preferences “match EQ parameter to CC121”. PLEASE! :confused:

That’s a shame! I like working in a darkened studio and it would have been great to have the CC121 buttons all dimly lit to aid navigation :frowning:


Does not understand, how the device can show different illumination during start-up, but this is not controllable :laughing:
In the usual business, it should mean: try it harder :exclamation:

But, from the commercial point of view, it does just mean, if you wish to have this feature…buy a new one :cry:


I wish there was a second revision coming with this feature we could sell you but there is none :wink:


Hey…we are just on Revision 1.6 (1.5) There is plenty of space to increase the revision number :laughing:


:cry: :cry: :cry:
This is extremely disappointing news. In all the PR photos of the CC121 the lights were on. I like working in a darkened studio sometimes as well. I can’t believe that this can’t/won’t get resolved by a firmware update!
Swapping the EQ assignment is a no-brainer.
Being able to use the fader for other automation writes would be excellent.

Just to make sure there’s no confusion, we’re asking for the buttons to be backlit dimly at all times, lighting up brightly when activated. Surely this is doable?

One would think. Especially since the pictures in most ads & reviews show nearly all the buttons lit up. But when you buy it you learn the CC121 is in permanent “stealth” mode!

Steinberg needs to fix this and I do not believe they can’t. I believe they won’t even try. That is what makes this all the more frustrating.

I mean seriously, go to the CC121 product page on Steinberg.net

What more can I say, its very, very misleading Steinberg. Those pics on your product page give the impression that the CC121 is lit up when in use, when in reality its blacked-out.

I totally agree. Call me a simple soul, but the picture of the CC121 showing buttons illuminated is one of the reasons I bought the thing in the first place.

As this is not the case when in use, the advertising is therefore dishonest.

guys, it’s a controller, not a Christmas gem, please… :mrgreen:

CC121 publicity shot / ad:

I have to say it is difficult to understand this. On start-up the lights go bright, then dim down in 3 or 4 stages. So at some point the software is defining a lighting stage. So why cannot that be done in operation? What am I missing?