CC121 USB/Midi driver issue - Yamaha

I recently moved my Yamaha 02R96V2 software over to the same computer as Cubase 6. As soon as I loaded the driver for the console, the CC121 stopped working. It seems that the console and the 121 use the same Yamaha USB/Midi driver and the console won. I called Yamaha support and they remote connected but had no luck. Does anyone know if there is a separate driver that can be downloaded? I use the 02R as a control surface but the CC121 is handy for overdubs and such. I really would like to get it working again! Thanks

Exactly that happened to me as well when I tried to connect my Yamaha MO6 for use with studio connections. I had to install the yamaha/steinberg usb driver, which I already had for the CC121. In my case the CC121 won :wink:

Just a bump to see if anyone has any ideas!!!